spookyredrose said: You should totally post adorable fanart of Coraline! Your blog is great,I just found it x3

Thank you, glad you enjoy my blog :D and fan art that i have drawn or people submit them to this blog? It’s a nice idea though :D

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twittytister said: Coraline is my all time favorite movie & I absolutely love this blog!

Thank you :D it is also one of my favorites aswell c:

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Coraline movie!

Hello :D If you do not have a copy of the movie Coraline on dvd or you want to watch it somewhere other then home then this website is a good one to be able to watch the movie! Its safe and i use it to watch a lot of movies :D http://freedisneycartoon.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/coraline-2009-watch-online.html 

Have a nice day :3

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